Your Wedding is a moment that will be remembered for a lifetime!
A Butterfly Release adds that special touch!
A Truly Amazing Butterfly Release!

Monarch Butterfly Wedding

  • The unsurpassed beauty of a Live Monarch Butterfly release at your wedding will add to your lifetime of memories. Unlike many butterfly companies, we breed our own Monarch Butterflies. This allows us to provide only the healthiest and most vibrant butterflies for you to release. After all, you and your guests will never forget the memories of your wedding, especially the unique experience of a live butterfly release!

  • You can experience a live butterfly release from our company with absolute confidence! We are members of the International Butterfly Breeders Association and the Association for Butterflies. We are completely dedicated to providing you with the ultimate butterfly release experience at your wedding. Our commitment to excellence gives us the best value in the butterfly release industry with unsurpassed customer service!

  • Bindia from Laural, Maryland: "All of the butterflies for my wedding arrived safe and sound. The release went beautifully, with rave reviews from the guests. Thank you so much for allowing me to add this beautiful tradition to my wedding."

Best value for Monarch Butterflies

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Our commitment to customer service, quality and vibrant butterflies...